Day: August 20, 2004


Roller hockey team skates into Nationals

They are ranked No. 1 in the nation. They have as many losses this year as UTD’s non-existent football team. They are the...


My two cents

Thanks for tuning in. I want to thank everyone who read my column last issue – here’s a shout out to Mom and...


Postcard from Spain

Editor’s Note: In conjunction with the Office of International Education, The UTD Mercury is highlighting the adventures of UTD students who study abroad....


UTD unveils new web presence

UTD unveiled a new look on May 4 after receiving an “extreme makeover,” but it wasn’t the result of extensive nip-and-tuck plastic surgeries...


Gauguin’s ‘Paradise’ spotlights artist’s scandals

“Gauguin’s Paradise,” directed by Fred Curchack, dramatizes the life of controversial post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin and premiers at 8 p.m. March 26 in...


Madrid bombs affected voters & their conscience

SALAMANCA, Spain – There is no doubt that the terror attack week and a half ago affected the election here in Spain. Almost...


Haines named ‘Ugly Man’

Students came out in force to vote for the “Ugliest Man on Campus” by emptying their pockets and purses in the Alpha Phi...


SGA president speaks for, to student voice

The Student Government Association (SGA) spent the summer hard at work for the students. Though most students do not take classes during the...


Baylor Lariat sticks to principles amidst controversy

In a time of national censorship and “patriotic” submissiveness, I applaud the Baylor Lariat’s recent controversial editorial. The Feb. 27 editorial defended San...


PHEds preach protection

Students looking for facts and fun scored big during Sexual Responsibility Week, which aimed to help students become more responsible about, well, sex....


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