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Thanks for tuning in. I want to thank everyone who read my column last issue – here’s a shout out to Mom and both of my friends.

Did you hear that Gatorade is planning to introduce a new ESPN-flavored sports drink? I can’t decide if I would rather have it taste like sweat, grass or Stuart Scott.

Forward Adam Bush was one of four men’s basketball players to receive post-season accolades, having been named to the ASC East All-freshman team. With such a strong first go-round, Bush should be excited about beginning a second term this fall.

Sophomore basketball star, Kia Jones was recently named to the American Southwest Conference Academic All-Conference team. I guess that means her opponents shouldn’t mind too much when Jones takes them to school.

The Comet baseball team had its eight-game winning streak snapped with a loss to previously winless Austin College. On an unrelated note, Hell is expecting snow flurries.

Freshman left-handed pitcher Frederick Schurr pitched seven innings of four-hit ball to break the Comet’s longest losing streak of the season of one game. I dare say, Schurr pitched a gem against William Jewell University.

Wait a minute, William Jewell. Help me out here. Wasn’t he that punk who tried to blow up the Atlanta Olympics?

Things like this shouldn’t make me chuckle, but they do. I get the biggest kick out of the fact that junior outfielder Fielding Lewis hasn’t made an error all year. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, if you are out there, great name choice.

Some students have expressed their concerns that UTD shouldn’t worry about sports at all because we might lose our academic focus.

You know what, they’re right. If we’re not careful we might end up with a first-seeded basketball program like at Stanford or Duke, but be stuck with their reprehensible academic records. Wait …

I can’t get over how incredibly amazing the Comet roller hockey team is. Case in point: UTD allowed 32 goals over the course of the season while scoring 29 in one game in a shutout win against New Orleans.

One more stat, then I quit drooling. UTD goalie and masters student Christopher Baker has a 1.78 goals against average. Not bad, considering the second best netminder in the division allows almost two times as many goals per game.

Well folks, my time is up, you’ve been great. Until next time…

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