Haines named ‘Ugly Man’


Students came out in force to vote for the “Ugliest Man on Campus” by emptying their pockets and purses in the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fundraiser.

Donovan Haines, assistant professor of chemistry, won the contest sponsored by APO service fraternity.

With a bucket full of pennies, he raked in the most plus points in the contest in which pennies tallied in the positive column and silver change and dollar bills in the negative column.

The $300 raised in the contest will go to Haines’ charity of choice, the Greater Dallas Alzheimer Association. APO will add some of its own funds to bring the donation up to an even $500, said Yu Chen, APO vice president for service and a sophomore business and art & technology major.

Haines’ research in enzyme mechanics is connected to a genetic link to Alzheimer’s Disease that is not yet fully understood.

Haines said he knows the donation is not enough to impact research, but hopes the money can be used for education of care givers to Alzheimer patients.

“(Maybe the Alzheimer’s Association) can use the money for education pamphlets for care giver stress,” Haines said. “(They) have to watch a person forget who they are and in the later stages (of the disease), hallucinate and flashback. It’s hard.”

Haines said the contest was fun and encourages anyone to try to be the “Ugliest Man on Campus.”

Other participants were Ezichi Nwabah, Chinonyerem Igboagi, Dillon Mahipala, Matthew Feiser, Jennifer Paguio, Brandon Drummond and Ryan Davidson.


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