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SG urges re-de-densification | October 18, 2021

Student Government passed a resolution calling upon the University to extend de-densification protocols to the end of the fall semester on Oct. 5, five days after UTD returned to full-density instruction. SG also passed resolutions recommending faculty keep seating charts for their classrooms, give students continued access to recorded lectures and eliminate assignments requiring in-person […]

More waits than weight | October 18, 2021

Overcrowded spaces, long wait periods and a lack of quantity and quality of equipment are only a few of the complaints expressed by students this semester about University Recreation facilities on campus. These issues are not uncommon, especially as UTD’s rapidly growing campus nears 30,000 students. However, gymgoers’ frustration due to surging volume seems to […]

Dorm windows cannot weather October storm | October 18, 2021

During the past week’s influx of thunderstorms and rainy weather, several Comets faced issues with water leaks in their residences – and with little help from the housing offices, some have resorted to fixing the problems themselves. From Oct. 10-14, severe thunderstorms made their way across Richardson, leading to minor flooding in many apartments and […]

From The Mercury Archives: Oct. 23, 1995 | October 18, 2021

No one doubts college can be a scary place. Just ask freshmen before their first final exam. But few college students would say their fears have anything to do with monsters under the bed or goblins in the closet. Maybe they should. Nationwide, ghostly legends thrive on campuses. “There’s just so much going on in […]

PC bangs provides a dedicated space for aspiring esports players to say ‘GG EZ’ | October 18, 2021

With a return to in-person operations, many student organizations, gaming or otherwise, have flocked to a rarer sight in America but a staple of Korean gaming culture: the local PC bang. UTD’s local PC bang is the GG EZ Gaming Café, home to PCs loaded with a variety of games available for play on an […]

Coach check-in: Terry Butterfield | October 18, 2021

In this week’s Coach Check-in, I sat down with Terry Butterfield, men’s basketball head coach, to discuss the makeup of the team’s roster and what preparation for the season is going to look like. So, first off, with the season starting in a couple weeks, what does preseason preparation for the team look like? “Well, […]

No time to watch | October 18, 2021

As Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond draws to an end, “No Time to Die” shines a light on the new era of Bond girls and their impact on femme fatales in film but brings a dull and unsatisfying conclusion to one of film’s most iconic characters. As Craig’s last film, I expected to have […]

Ask Sophie: Study tips | October 18, 2021

Now that midterms have mostly come to an end, you may be feeling confident, ambivalent or even dreadful about your grades. Regardless of how you think you did, it can’t hurt to reflect upon your current study habits and refine them or adopt new ones altogether to improve your performance for your next exam. Every […]

What’s What: October’s Local Art Highlights | October 18, 2021

It’s midterm season, and let’s be honest: you’re looking for anything to distract yourself from school right now. There’s nothing like local art to help you reset and get back into your academic groove. Clear your mind with this month’s DFW art highlights: 1. Paulo Nimer Pjota “Every Empire Breaks Like a Vase” With almost […]

Why you should be a weeb or: How I learned to stop worrying and love anime | October 18, 2021

If you’ve never been interested in anime before, now’s the perfect time to dive into anime and embrace being a weeb. Weeb. A word that started as a punchline for the web comic “The Perry Bible Fellowship” but later evolved to describe someone obsessed with Japanese pop culture to an unhealthy extent. Today, the term […]

It’s a me … Chris Pratt | October 18, 2021

Following the reveal of an animated Mario movie at the latest Nintendo Direct, widespread controversy over the cast and studio spread among fans – controversy which might have intentionally been stoked for this movie’s success. There’s a lot of concern for the new film coming to theaters next Christmas and what direction it will take. […]

Current pre-med expectations create toxic environment | October 18, 2021

If you ask around, you’ll find that UTD is brimming with students looking to pursue a career in medicine. However, it seems for a lot of these students, the concepts of “finding yourself” and “making mistakes” in college are not possible due to outrageous graduate school admissions standards. Over the past year, the Johns Hopkins […]