Woodard now serving time

UTD police have filed charges with Collin County District Attorney in hopes of obtaining an indictment against David Patrick Woodard, the man charged with two burglaries and attempted sexual assaults in Waterview apartments last fall.

In August 2003, two female UTD students reported separate incidents of an intruder in their apartments. In both cases, the suspect was described as a 6-foot, white, college-aged male weighing 150 pounds with dark hair. Both women reported being assaulted, but both managed to escape.

One month later, UTD police filed two arrest warrants for Woodard, a Coppell man arrested in September 2003 by Lewisville police on similar charges.

Woodard is currently serving four concurrent 40-year sentences in the state penitentiary in connection with the Denton County charges. Woodard accepted the sentence in a plea bargain agreement for two burglary and two sexual assault charges.

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