Volleyball grabs two victories

MERCURY FILE PHOTO Team adds to excellent 14-1 season record, holds onto first place conference ranking

Team adds to excellent 14-1 season record, holds onto first place conference ranking

The volleyball team continued its winning streak with two wins against Mississippi College and UT Tyler on Oct. 12.

The Comets breezed through the Mississippi game with a win in just three sets. UTD broke through in the first set at 5-5 and ended the match at 25-11. The next two sets followed suit with a final score of 25-15 in the second set and 25-16 in the third match. Junior hitter Taylour Toso led in kills with a total of 11 kills and had a hitting percent of .409. Sophomore setter Kayla Jordan was leader in assists with 29 in the match.

UT Tyler put up a fight during the Comets’ second match of the day. The first set was a back-and-forth struggle between UTD and Tyler. UTD put on the pressure at 11-11 when they quickly raked in the points to reach 11-15. The set finished at 17-25 with a Comet win. The Patriots started the second set strong with a lead at 6-3. Fortunately, the Comets stepped up their game and had two four-point streaks in a row and ended the second set at another 17-25 win.

The third set was a rough match with a final score of 25-22 and a win for the Patriots. The Comets battled closely through the end of the match but couldn’t take the lead in time. With the third set loss fresh on their minds, the Comets came into the fourth set revived and ready to win. The score was tight until UTD finally broke through at 13-13 and finished off the set at 19-25.

On Oct. 11, the team brought in wins against LeTourneau and East Texas Baptist. East Texas Baptists proved to be a tough fight with a four-set match.  East Texas Baptist is currently ranked as fourth in the conference but falls short to UTD, currently ranked first.



UTD swooped in on the first set with a five-point streak right after 2-2. Soon, the Tigers stepped up their game but fell just short of taking the lead and the Comets won the set at 25-21. Hurt by the loss from the first set, the East Texas Tigers fought hard in the second set and won at 17-25. The women proved they deserved their No. 1 spot in conference and defeated the Tigers in the next two sets. The third set ended at 25-14 and the fourth at 25-22. Sophomore hitter Meredith Crawford led the team with 15 kills, 2 aces, 1 block and a .234 hitting percentage.

The volleyball team defeated Le Tourneau in 3 sets. The first set finished at 25-15, the second at 25-18 and the third at 25-9. The team finished the game with an impressive .366 hitting percentage, which cast LeTourneau’s .115 hitting percentage in the shadow. A highlight of the game occurred in the second set when the Comets gained 7 kills in a row, a great feat for any team.

The Comets are crushing their conference season with an overall 14-1 record. The women will play again on Oct. 22 at Austin College.



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