‘Vandalized’ HOMAGE board reveals intolerance at UTD

Someone keeps ripping off posters from HOMAGE’s bulletin board in the Green Building, and the organization believes it is a sign of intolerance.

HOMAGE, the gay-straight alliance at UTD, has had the bulletin board since January and has always had things ripped from it, said organization Vice President Lara Ratliff.

“I think people are being intolerant of an alternative lifestyle. People are maliciously vandalizing the board,” Ratliff said.

She said that incidences of what she calls vandalism have increased in frequency and severity especially just before and after spring break.

She said that other organizations also had things taken from their boards, but “not with as much severity or frequency,” Ratliff said.

Patty Atchley, director of student development, has spoken with the group about how to stop the vandalism.

Atchley said HOMAGE has agreed to pay for an enclosed board similar to one owned by the Student Government Association that cost $340.

Atchley emphasized that other organizations have also had materials ripped from their bulletin boards in Green.

She hopes the vandalism isn’t a sign of growing intolerance at UTD.

“We don’t want any of this going on. If we catch someone doing this, they will be disciplined,” Atchley said.

Ratliff said she does not believe there is a connection between the increased

exposure the lifestyle has received due to the gay marriage issue in California and the on-campus bulletin board incidents.

“I think intolerance will be out there no matter what,” Ratliff said.

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