UTD “Votes”


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Here’s what a few of your peers had to say:

DavidLe web“Personally, all I can say is presidential elections (even though I didn’t really care before) were something I thought of as an honor. However, after seeing this year, people took this as a joke. We are talking about a leader that will help change the U.S. for the better—not hinder or make a joke out of it. That’s the reason I vote for Sanders instead of the others.” — David Le


“I’m not actually going to vote for Trump, nor am I fan of his policies, but the reason why he’s so popular is because he is open and forward—not holding anything back. Americans have been asking for political transparency when it comes to elections and now we actually have a candidate willing to do so.” — Oliver Clint


JosephSmith web“Well, Trump’s an idiot and I don’t trust Clinton. I like Bernie Sanders, but I don’t know how well he would do. If I had to vote for Clinton or Trump, I’d probably vote for Trump, honestly.” — Joseph Smith





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