Athletics revamps look in preparation for Division II

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UTD’s new Division II status isn’t the only recent change being made within the Athletic Department — a fresh new logo is now available on Comet gear for athletes and fans alike.

The new Comets logo stays true to the spirit of the past logo, incorporating the name of our sports teams and mascot. Whether in black, white, orange, green or a combination, the logo provides a sleek and modern look that reflects a new era for student athletes. UTD has officially been the Comets since 1981, but according to Director of Athletics Angela Marin, designing a Comet was the biggest challenge when coming up with the new logo.

“We went through a thousand iterations of what a comet looks like,” Marin said. “You know, it’s hard to get right, but I think our team really got it right.”

Previous installments of the logo have created confusion regarding the letter C in “comet.” To combat this, the Communications Department hired a third party to create a new design. The UTD Athletics department tweaked it to make it authentically UTD. With plans for a new track and field complex and upcoming DII status, UTD athletics is looking to grow its brand and show that growth in the visual change.

“It shows the comet in motion on our logo. It shows movement and that represents what we’re doing,” Marin said. “We are growing, we’re moving forward. We are advancing, and I think that really represents what the comet is about. So, I was really, really happy with that and the boldness of it. It just represents strength, and you know, we’re here.”

UTD has won a total of 44 DIII conference championships since the creation of the Athletics Department and 34 in the past 10 years. Newly registered as a DII school, UTD will attend the Lone Star Conference, the premier DII conference.

“That’s why we’re doing all these upgrades and buildings,” Marin said. “Building so that we can recruit and attract the right students that will be successful at UTD, that will be successful in our athletic department and continue the tradition of succeeding and winning that we have currently.”

Alongside previously released shirts and sweaters, UTD athletics now sells Championship gear to commemorate Comet athletes. According to Marin, the Athletics Department is eager for feedback from students on how they can improve their facilities. Her contact information can be found on the UTD Athletics website.

“We look to revamp and build new facilities and upgrade what we have,” Marin said. “It’s just a great time to be a Comet.”

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