University encourages masking


In response to a spike in COVID-19 Delta variant cases, UTD is encouraging Comets to wear masks indoors and in large gatherings, regardless of vaccination status.

The mask guidance applies to all University facilities on campus – including classrooms, labs, common areas and offices – and complies with CDC guidelines which say mask-wearing maximizes protection against the Delta strand. The Delta variant is more contagious and transmissible than other strands of COVID-19, and as it stands, the CDC considers Dallas County to have a high rate of COVID-19 community transmission.

The University’s campus-wide mask encouragement is the only altered part of the guidelines it released on May 20. All other protective measure advisements, such as getting vaccinated and reporting vaccination statuses on the Voluntary Vaccine Reporting Form, still stand.

“As some of you may know, the governor issued another Executive Order that prohibits us from requiring members of our community from wearing masks,” Vice President and Chief of Staff Rafael Martín said. “However, we will make every attempt to encourage folks to wear masks indoors, in classrooms [and] in any spaces on campus where they may be in contact with other individuals.”