Tre Stelle masters low-key ambience

The cafe, located on Preston Road, offers many specialty and seasonal items, like the apple cider cake donut and caramel cookie butter latte. Photos by Vedant Sapra | Mercury Staff


Just 10 minutes from campus lies the family-owned Tre Stelle Coffee Co., a hidden gem of a

coffee shop. With its diverse menu and refreshing atmosphere, this spot is a must for any student in need of a caffeine fix.

Situated on Preston Road, Tre Stelle has an abundance of classic and specialized café drinks as well as 16 different syrup options. Perfect for those in college, Tre Stelle offers 10% off on drinks to students with an active Comet Card. Run by a father and son, Tre Stelle is named after a cafe in Eritrea, drawing from the nation’s coffee culture. If you’re looking for a relaxed coffee shop with a welcoming environment, Tre Stelle may be the spot for you.

The shop itself has a low-key vibe, minimally decorated and humming with quiet conversation – perfect if you’re planning on holding a focused study session. Upon entering, you’re greeted with a smile from behind the counter and the buzz of espresso machines. The space isn’t massive, but it still feels roomy. Lined up against one wall are sleek, high-set barstool tables for small groups, and in the center of the space sits an array of tables for two. If you’re planning on meeting with more friends or studying in a large group, there is a space up front with couches and additional seating.

As for the coffee, it doesn’t disappoint – you can taste the high quality from the first sip. The iced almond milk latte isn’t watered down, and the blend itself is strong and earthy but still light. It is easy to judge a coffee shop’s blend by how it does the classic plain latte, and if a latte’s coffee quality remains untainted by a milk alternative, you know it’s a strong blend.

Most impressive of the flavored coffees is another classic: the hot mocha. Unlike most cafes, the flavor isn’t too heavy, as the chocolate taste echoes the coffee blend rather than overpowering it. As it’s not syrupy nor overly sweet, this is the kind of mocha that won’t distract you from your studies. Bonus points for them actually making it extra hot per request.

Numerous alternative milk options are available, with almond, oat and soy milk – plus an uncommon horchata option. Prices range from $3.25 to $5.25 for non-specialty drinks. Tre Stelle also offers food items and a seasonal menu, where you’ll find an apple cider cake donut and a caramel cookie butter latte. Their classic almond croissant is freshly baked, packed with almond flavor and dusted with sweet sugar powder. Whichever menu item you choose, rest assured it will supplement your assignments or social gatherings wonderfully.

Because of its rustic vibe, the shop falls short in terms of a finished appearance. A pile of decorative coffee sacks lay in one corner, the concrete walls are bare and the air ducts are visible in the ceiling. But don’t be discouraged – a wide window assumes one wall, flooding the modern shop with sunlight and giving the shop an airy, unique look with a cultivated sense of openness.

The only major downside to Tre Stelle is its hours. The shop may open at 7 a.m. daily, but it closes at 4 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. on weekends. If you’re planning on a long, uninterrupted study session after class, make sure you come in early or stop by on one of your free days.

Tre Stelle’s coffee is on the better end of the Dallas area cafes. With a unique, relaxed ambience and impressive drink quality, it’s a shame the hours don’t permit visiting after the sun sets. Overall, Tre Stelle’s solid coffee and friendly staff are worth the visit.


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