The plight of a metal head in a pop world

We are a small but proud race, but what defines a “metal head?”

It would have to be a person’s unquivering and unadulterated love of the genre heavy metal.

While we welcome any gender and race, males fill the majority of our ranks.

To be honest, it’s difficult to carry this term proudly these days. Heavy Metal just doesn’t have the mass appeal it should (though some would argue that’s the way it should be).

Rap and R&B are all the rage, with MTV playing almost solely these styles not only on the flagship station, but MTV2 and MTV Jams. There used to be a station for the rock and metal, MTVX, but that was canned a long time ago.

Combine that loss with the atmosphere of metal today. Nü metal is what’s popular now, but most true metal fans would greatly express their disdain for this sub-genre.

My tastes in music have received several cute nicknames. At The Mercury, my music has been deemed “hate music.”

While it may be in good fun, it still shows a lack of appreciation for metal’s beautifully crafted mix of rhythm, pulsating baselines and soaring, shredding, ripping guitars riffs. To me, this is the ultimate of talent.

Back in my hometown of Flower Mound, my family refers to metal as “Satan music.” While some bands may swing that direction, it’s not the majority.

I believe the love for metal should grow. So I try to expose as many people to metal as possible.

If you are driving past an elementary school that’s letting out for the day, roll down your windows and let the young ones hear some Superjoint Ritual or Motörhead.

My call to you is support your local metal head. Go to metal concerts, buy the artist’s albums and shun all pop music with the fury of 10,000 suns. Lastly, remember to live loud and rock hard.

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