The best and worst of esports today

Graphic by Quinn Sherer | Mercury Staff

Esports runs the largest tailgate at UTD

Going off the front page, the team ran a massive tailgate event in the SU green, attracting at least 400 checked in Comets to get half a McDonald’s sandwich and a CokeZero to celebrate Zach “grafetti” Rendulic’s victory at the summer Brag House tournament. Digs at free food aside, the event was greatly helped by its location, being located at arguably the most trafficked building on campus. It was interesting to see the large variety of people in attendance, and while the event was fully funded by a third party, I’d
like to see more large events like this in the future from the esports team, as it really helps to bring fans onboard.

UTD Runs Collegiate Smash

UTD is poised once again to win the Collegiate Smash Brother’s crew battle league, as it should be. At the time of writing, the team is in the semis of the upper bracket of the tournament, ready to stomp through New Jersey City University and the winner of the loser’s bracket to win the event yet again. The team looks as dominant as ever, and with the power of DLC 2 and the wifi warrirors by their side, they can’t lose. If the final matches are streamed, you can catch them this weekend and next weekend on the 6th and 13th.

Overwatch team continues undefeated run through Collegiate Homecoming

Following 2-0’s against the Miami Redhawks and Boise State in the the OW Homecoming, it remains to be seen where the challenge will be for the Comets in this league. Until the team is faced with a real challenge again (like at the Will English Invitational) they’re likely to keep on performing strong. UTD’s coordination and play is only improving as time goes on

The West fall once again at Worlds

Leading up to the World finals this weekend, the West (that is, NA and EU) were once again knocked out of the tournament at the quarterfinals. In close 0-3 defeats, Cloud9 and Mad Lions fell to recently knocked out Gen.G and probably soon to be world champions Damwon KIA. For some NA fans, it was honestly good enough that we got a team through the group stage, but I have the slight tinge of sadness from seeing the western teams fall yet again, in what always feels like is a closely disappointing way. I’ll still huff the copium into next year, and with the roster shakeup rumours I’ll hold my faith in NA next year.

Rocket League team ties up the record

With a close win vs. Texas Tech and a close loss to San Diego State, the Comets stand at a 3-3 record in the CRL standings for the fall. In the coming weeks, they’ll need to start picking up some wins to start pulling ahead of other x-3 teams to have a chance at making it into the top four and qualifying for playoffs. There’s still plenty of season left to go, so here’s hoping that the team can boost their way to the top of the standings before it’s too late.