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Letter to the Editor: Recent op-ed inconsistent with position on open discourse

I organized and supervised the Steven Crowder event on Jan. 22 and thought it went quite well. Outside of a couple of protestors,...


Steven Crowder Harms Debate

Even if you’ve had the pleasure of not knowing Steven Crowder — the former actor/comedian and current conservative social media darling — you...

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Conservative comedian sparks debate over gun laws

Conservative political commentator Steven Crowder came to campus to discuss firearm legislation with students and find common ground between their viewpoints and his...


College campuses are key to bridging political, cultural gaps

The current political climate has made honest discussion a precarious activity. The country is divided more than ever along political lines. A Pew...

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Conservative comedian asked to leave campus by UTD Officials

Steven Crowder, a conservative political commentator, was asked to leave campus after he conducted a series of interviews with UTD students without permission...


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