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Monks solicit students for money

People claiming to be traveling monks or temple-goers are approaching UTD students around campus and asking for money. The people usually claim they...

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Community loses funds to cyber crime

Editor’s note: Vicky’s name was changed to protect her identity UTD victims lost nearly $50,000 to online and telephone scams this year. When...

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Students lose thousands in scams

The Information Security Office and the UTD police department are aiding students and alumni targeted by recent email and phone scams. In the...

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Student loses $2,000 in recent swindling scams

A UTD student fell victim to a job scam and lost roughly $2000 in an employment ruse. UTD Police Lieutenant Ken Mackenzie said...

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Scammers target students for money

A student called UTDPD on Oct. 16 to report a caller claiming to be an agent of the Internal Revenue Service to coax...

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