Ola Ajayi


Calverly set on ‘winning everything’

Comets setter and team member of the 2008 American Southwest Conference (ASC) championship winning team, Niki Calverley, is a part of the Wylie...


Payne seeks to reclaim ASC title in final year

As comfortable in the lab studying E. coli as he is on the field dishing tackles to opposition, biochemistry senior Jarrod Payne is...


Soccer teams hope to reach championships

The smell of fresh cut grass on the main soccer field across from the Waterview Park Phase III apartments means  one thing to...


Bowyer to lead the forward line

Breaking into any first team is by no means an easy feat. Breaking into the team as a freshman and returning the highest...


Reigning champs go for broke

Fresh from winning their first American Southwest Championship (ASC) title as well as a first appearance in the NCAA tournament in 2008, assistant...


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