Student Government proposes resolution to end Farage’s teaching contract

Graphic by Astrid Hernandez | Mercury Staff


Resolution 2022-26

After calling for a “cure to homosexuality” last summer, ECS Professor Timothy P. Farage was under investigation by UTD. However, he maintained his teaching position since he didn’t speak out on campus or on a campus platform. SG passed a resolution recommending that UTD does not renew Farage’s teaching contract. If the resolution is adopted by UTD and ECS, Farage will not be renewed after 2025.

Resolution 2022-27

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, requested that public universities deliver data regarding student health services including gender-affirming care to the state government. In the case that Texas governor, Greg Abbott, requests similar information, SG has passed a resolution requesting UTD to not comply with such requests for the safety of students.

Hot Comet Walk

On the morning of April 20, SG will host a Hot Comet Walk, where students can walk around campus in a large group to celebrate Earth Week and inform others on campus about sustainability. Flowers will be available as a compostable offering.


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