Sophomore makes studying abroad easier


International student starts YouTube channel to offer information, tips for individuals looking to pursue college in United States

He walks around campus filming himself with his phone. He’s not crazy, he’s a vlogger with thousands of fans.

Harsh Gosar, a computer science sophomore, creates YouTube videos to talk about school in America and give advice to other international students interested in studying abroad.

“There are so many students who are deserving and who can go abroad, but just are not able to go because they cannot find the right information,” he said.

Gosar began making videos on his channel, ThatIndianGuy, which now has over 10,000 subscribers and averages 70,000 views per month. He was inspired by another advice channel, HappySchoolsBlog, that covers similar topics about international education.

When he was interested in studying internationally, Gosar used the United States-India Educational Foundation in Mumbai to guide him during the application process.

However, he realized that there are only seven educational advising centers in India, preventing potential students from getting the help they need.

“What about people who don’t live in metroplex cities?” he said. “I want them to learn the same things I learned.”

His videos cover various topics, such as how to take entrance exams, what an average American student has in their backpack or advice on budgeting.

One of his most popular videos, “Why Apply to Universities in Texas,” explains that if international students receive a scholarship of at least $1,000 at a public university in Texas, their tuition is reduced to the in-state rate.

“I (make videos) because I’m going to make it easier on others,” he said. “It’s (not) like I’m giving them the documents, I teach them.”

The application processes are similar enough for students at multiple levels, so Gosar’s videos cater to a wide audience.

“I started with the undergraduate thing, but I realized there are so many graduate students who also need the help too,” he said.

His fans helped shape his content through questions and requests for videos.

“The best part about all of this is the thank you messages I get from people,” he said. “Even small videos about packing things, people appreciate it and I like to get that feedback and it motivates me to make more videos.”

He has also been recognized as ThatIndianGuy and greeted by fans at seminars about attending school in the United States. Several students on campus have also recognized him from YouTube.

“I came to the (United States) and a lot of people at UTD have seen my videos and that makes me happy because I’m helping people and they appreciate (that) fact,” he said.

Gosar said he hopes to continue to make YouTube videos to help others interested in studying internationally. He also plans to have a meet up with his fans in Mumbai when he travels back home this summer.

Gosar also wants to continue helping others by becoming a mobile developer and designing applications for people who have great ideas but lack the technical ability to make them a reality.

“If I have an idea to build something like an app or software or something … the skills I don’t have should not stop me from making it,” he said.


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