SG Report

Student Affairs Committee Chair Katie Truesdale announced the committee has begun a survey to analyze the amount of students who use the various tollways near campus in an effort to work with Toll Tag to create a unique UTD tag. The purpose is to show that UTD is a major university with a large commuting population, including potential tollway users.
Funds for cameras and events were among the topics of discussion at the meeting. Technology Committee Chair Jon Alejandro proposed that a GoPro , a high-definition personal camera, could provide ways for students and faculty to see through the eyes of a Student Government member.
He requested an allocation of up to $370 for the camera, including the accessories.
Legislative Affairs Committee Chair Andrew Parker petitioned for an allocation of up to $250 to provide food and drinks for the guests who attend the George P. Bush speaking event. SG President Brooke Knudtson requested an allocation of up to $100 to offer coffee and donuts at the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences Candidates for Council Meet and Greet.
All three suggestions were met with approval from the senate.
Thirteen students were appointed to the senate. Senators asked the appointees questions regarding the goals they seek to accomplish. Topics included alleviating parking difficulties and increasing communication between students and the senate.
•Research is underway to find the perfect tree to serve as the Memorial Tree. Once the committee discovers the most suited tree for the North Texas climate, it will be planted with a plaque on the ground featuring the Comet Creed.
•Senators will have a conference call with Uber within the next two weeks to see if the company can offer students discounts on its transportation services.
•The next SG meeting will take place on Oct. 7 at 5:15 p.m. in one of the Galaxy Rooms.

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