‘Self-Study’ students explore identity

Vision and perception are explored in the Self Study Group Portfolio now on display in the Visual Arts Building. The project, part of the advanced photography course, was completed last spring.

Associate professor Dr. Marilyn Waligore and her students chose a single image from their own work to contribute to the portfolio. Waligore said the project is an exploration into questions of identity, the study of the self and variations on self-portraiture.

The students decided the parameters of the project through a process of discussion and cooperation in their class.

“They decided they wanted to do a project that related to self portraiture but didn’t tie them too closely with traditional interpretations of the subject,” Waligore said.

From the digital image manipulation of Waligore’s dental x-rays to the abstract representation of Adam Murnam’s personal workspace, the images present a varied approach to the subject of self-portraiture.

The works on display contain a wide variety of visual effects. Both black-and-white and color images are included.

Such techniques as double exposure and blurred focus are present in some of the students’ pieces.

Senior arts and performance major Christina Nielsen, whose piece was chosen for use on the invitation of the event’s opening, used a mirror to capture part of her own image in her photograph.

“I use the mirror to bring out things otherwise not seen,” Nielsen said.

Albert Ramirez, a sophomore forensics major, photographed a pair of old combat boots for his piece.

He said the boots represented the end of his 12 years of military service. Ramirez, a serious photographer for almost two years, said his approach to photography is “more abstract.”

The Self Study Photography Portfolio is now on display in the Mezzanine Gallery (AS) on the second floor of the Visual Arts Building.

The portfolio will remain on display until Sept. 18. Admission is free.

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