RuPaul’s ‘REDHOT’ leaves music listeners cold and bothered


In 2000, two historical events in our nation’s history occurred. The Supreme Court installed George Bush as president of the United States, and RuPaul withdrew from public life to “reconnect with the parts of him that he left behind.”

However, this fall, against the backdrop of a lackluster presidential race, RuPaul plans his triumphant return. He hopes to energize and excite the masses. He believes he can influence the direction of American society with the release of his new record, REDHOT.

“My first order of business is to release an album that heralds the power of truth, beauty, freedom and love,” RuPaul said.

RuPaul’s new record is filled with dance tracks that he says will “shake things up a bit.”

Unfortunately, his declaration rings as hollow as the promises of our national politicians. REDHOT is a perfect record for the times, though.

The album is the artistic equivalent of the George Bush vs. John Kerry presidential election campaign. Neither delivers excitement, truth, beauty, freedom or love.

Though a man singing while in drag is slightly more interesting than presidential politics, REDHOT will draw no one to record shops.

Tired skits performed with a predictable mixture of song and dance make REDHOT the perfect soundtrack for either a Republican or Democratic campaign.

The least horrific song on the record is “Just A Little In & Out.”

Its bold, sexual message, while sure to excite the more prurient-minded, is less than original.

Many listeners will be left wishing the song referred to Anthony Burgess’ “A Clockwork Orange” rather than to the singer’s sexual prowess and exploits.

Other songs like “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous” and “Love Is Love” are straight-forward, put-on-the-music-and-dance tracks that are perfect for listeners who want nothing new, challenging or interesting to distract them from a hedonistic, booty-shaking good time.

The lyrics of “Coming Out of Hiding” are as bland and trivial as any presidential candidate’s campaign speeches.

The fluffy, pointless, and hopelessly shallow, REDHOT will be released nationally on Sept. 21. With any luck, it will fade from national consciousness almost as quickly as the presidential election will, post Nov. 2.


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