Ringmasters unleash the lines inthree-ring Underground Circus


Poetry readings are often regarded as a bunch of literary posers listening to someone over-dramatically whining about lack of love and bemoaning their general state of being.

The Underground Poetry Circus on Jan. 29 in The Pub was a pleasant reminder that this is not always the case.

Living up to the idea of a circus ring in the truest sense of the word, DJ Whiz T and Ringmaster Rock Baby interjected wacky comedic antics in between music by rock band Smooth Choppy and lively poetry performances by Da Boogie Man.

Completing the picture of a ringmaster in his black top hat and stretch muscle shirt, Rocky Baby held an impromptu dance session in the middle of The Pub. They also poked fun at the stereotypical view of poetry about break-ups and alternated their approach to find creative ways to introduce each performer, from rap to involving the crowd in chanting.

Although the entertainment was slow to start, The Circus slowly grew an enthusiastic crowd of approximately 80 people.

Smooth Choppy proved to be an excellent musical feature for the night. In their alternative style of rock ‘n’ roll, they used a variety of addictive bass lines causing the entire Pub to vibrate. The guitar playing was reminiscent of blues and reggae. Despite the incredible music, the lyrics were indecipherable.

As the featured poet for the evening, Da Boogie Man started off his performance with a slightly tongue-in-cheek yet sincere poem about his mother. His frenetic, yet lyrical method of emoting made him riveting.

His poem about love refuted the idea that love is like a higher sort of delirium. With a slightly whimsical delivery, Da Boogie Man took a light-hearted and personalized approach to the concept of love that even the most unromantic of people could enjoy.

The energy throughout the night was infectious and I look forward to their next program on Feb. 19.


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