Pub should not serve alcohol yet

The prospect of alcohol being served on campus may still be in the early stages of consideration, but what does this mean for UTD?

While I agree with supplying the students as many services as possible with the amount in fees we pay, I don’t think there is a good enough reason to have alcohol served at UTD yet.

Out of the 13,718 students who attended UTD, as of Fall 2003, 10,926 were over 21. But, of those that were over 21, only 1,601 lived on-campus.

That’s less than 10 percent of the students who attended UTD, were over 21 and lived on campus.

I should hope we would count the commuters out of the equation, otherwise they would be stopping at The Pub for a couple beers and then driving home. That’s not good.

And we can’t forget administration, faculty and staff. They may be of age to drink alcohol served in The Pub, but they don’t live on campus and are therefore considered commuters.

Sure, the commuters drink, don’t get me wrong, but at least give them the chance to get home before they decide to wind-down.

I just don’t see the usefulness of serving alcohol on campus when it will be more work to implement the service than the number of people who could legally use it.

The Pub is already too small, needs a larger kitchen and would need security and space added to serve alcohol, according to Donna Rogers, interim dean of students.

While the concept is not unreasonable, until there is a large enough population to use the service, we should use the money in a way that will not just benefit a small percentage of the student body.

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