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The weather is finally warming up, but before we kiss the colder weather away for good, I wanted to do one more fall weather-inspired project: a blanket scarf. I love blanket scarves because I’m one of those people who’s perpetually cold. In fact, I have two blankets in the office for situations where I get cold at work, so the best thing about this project is the duality: it can be a cute accessory when I’m getting ready for my day, and then transform into a much needed blanket if I’m dealing with cold weather in class. The cherry on top is that it’s super easy.

What you need

– 2 yards of flannel fabric

– scissors

– a lot of patience


1. Trim and straighten the edges of the fabric.

2. Using your fingers, tug at the the bottom-most loose thread until it comes out.

3. Take the next thread and, again, tug it until it comes out.

4. As you continue pulling threads out of the fabric, you’ll begin to see it fray. Continue fraying the fabric until you’re happy with it.

5. Repeat on the other three sides.

And there it is. I will say that fraying the edges of the flannel will take awhile. I think mine took me a couple hours, but it’s the perfect complement to a nice quiet night in — or maybe just a Netflix binge with friends.

The materials themselves are relatively cheap. Craft stores such as Joann’s usually have sales or coupons that can be used on fabrics. I bought 2.5 yards of fabric for about $15.

Overall, though, a very simple blanket scarf. The great thing about these scarves is that you can wrap it around your neck in a variety of ways or, if you’re feeling adventurous, incorporate it as a vest or something in your outfit.

There is a lot of inspiration and advice for wearing blanket scarves online, or you could just be like me and pack it on the off chance you get too cold. It also makes a very cute throw blanket for a couch.


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