New sign needs new positioning

At last, someone installed some stop signs on Drive A at Rutford. Well done. But whoever did it, didn’t get it quite right and in order to prevent accidents they should be moved while they’re still new in people’s minds.

Rutford Drive doesn’t quite intersect the north exit from the Activities Center and hence the problem.

It’s offset to the west, and because the stop sign is placed at the offset corner, drivers turning left out of the Activities Center find themselves behind the line of the intersection.

At 10 p.m., after stumbling out of those red-eye night classes, the last thing on people’s minds is driving courtesy on the battle out. They want to get home to eat.

Of course, I say all this from a somewhat third party view. I live in Waterview. In the evenings, as I walk by chuckling to myself on my way home to Waterview (I haven’t used my car once this week, thank goodness), it’s the vehicular equivalent of Brownian motion – everyone goes madly in all directions.

To solve the problem, simply move the stop sign on Drive A to the east of the intersection back a few feet. The drivers will stop and have all angles of approach in sight. Problem solved.

On a side note, the little red flags were a great idea, although I must admit, I’ve sped totally unknowingly through the new signs at least once on quiet weekend mornings. Sorry!

While the stop sign is certainly a good thing and will slow down traffic from its usual break neck pace past the Conference Center/Waterview Phase 3 crosswalk, it needs a little adjustment to bring harmony to the land of UTD’s commuter students.

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