Mobile Unit aims to catch public eye

A four-decade-old military transport donated by the United States Army to UTD is in the process of being outfitted as a mobile command post for campus police.

Acquired two years ago from Army base Fort Hood, a former officer who had once served in the military petitioned for the vehicle. The military routinely gives away old, out-of-service vehicles.

The vehicle is intended to create a visible presence for the UTD Police Department.

At outdoor events such as Sounds of Class and commencement ceremonies, the police plan for it to be a location for the public to approach the police with any concerns or questions.

“We plan on putting cameras on the vehicle to give us greater observing ability while at these outside events,” said Colleen Ridge, chief of police.

Debra Marable, public relations officer, stated that the mobile command post will be a place for officers to write reports without having to go all the way back to the office or just a place for them to rest.

The vehicle is not operational yet due to a lack in funding and personnel, Marable said.

“We might get it operational within a year,” Marable said. “It’s not on the top of our list of priorities.”

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