M Project falls flat

In a graceless and gimmicky modern dance recital at the University Theatre April 9, the ‘M Project & Friends’ show failed to meet expectations.

The M project, established by UTD’s dance faculty and headed by Micki Saba and Michele Hanlon, included UTD dance students – seven of whom performed.

The show also featured dancers from the elledanceworks dance company, Ewert & Company, SMU and guest choreographer Lori Darley.

Instead of focusing on flow and movement – which is the emphasis of modern dance – a majority of the dances centered around gimmicks which took away from the overall quality of the performance.

In a dance number entitled ‘Forbe,’ the performers attempted to bring comedy and sexual innuendo to the art form.

They made repeated obscene gestures towards obvious parts of the female body on the line “Don’t touch my tomatoes.” While the boundaries of dance have recently expanded, this number was in bad taste and poorly executed.

The show tried to incorporate genres of art such as stand-up comedy and dramatics – a ploy that failed miserably – and resulted in an indecipherable hodgepodge that did not do justice to the art form fully.

Although, what the show lacked in choreography it almost made up in innovative costumes and effective lighting.

While the dancers seemed to have some talent, the choreography did not allow for their potential to come through.

However, the music choices were exceptional with songs by Ani Difranco, Bouillon, Torque and Moby, which were well suited for modern dance.

Had the choreography been better, the show potentially could have been explosive.

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