Luke Kiser: Kaiser of the Court

Nahum Pilli | Mercury Staff



Kiser is the key to the Comets’ offense and a leader for the team

Photo Courtesy of Seth Myles
Graphic by Rainier Pederson | Web Editor

Described by team members as a leader, Luke Kiser has become an integral part of the UTD Comets’ offense as a guard. He is averaging career-high numbers in points and assists this season, fueled by double-doubles against Hardin-Simmons and McMurry.

Kiser, a healthcare studies junior, joined the team in his freshman year as a traditional point guard, facilitating the team’s offense through passes. Named the American Southwestern Conference freshman of the year in the 2021-22 season and 2022-23 Academic All-ASC, Kiser has improved in each season of his UTD career and shows no signs of slowing down. Twenty games into the season, Kiser is averaging 9.3 points, 5.2 rebounds and a team-leading 6.5 assists per game. As the Comets head into the final stretch of the season, Kiser is excited for what the future holds.

“Luke has been fantastic for us, said Jared Fleming, head coach of men’s basketball. “He’s in a lot of ways the heartbeat of our program. “He’s been fighting through a lot of different things, and he’s just been tremendous for us.”

The physical stress of games combined with the academic rigor of college has been a challenge for Kiser, but he said he found that being productive in his academics helped him find more success on the court.

“Definitely just a different type of grind trying to adjust to college basketball and then school on top of that and trying to just balance it,” Kiser said. “Being a student athlete in the class, it definitely takes a toll on your body.”

Kiser and Fleming both described Kiser’s playstyle as a pass-first point guard, driving the offense by assisting his teammates.

“I would definitely say facilitator is my role in the type of point guard I want to be,” Kiser said. “I would much rather have more assists in a game than I do points because that means I’m getting my teammates and my people involved.”

However, Kiser has not always been the vocal leader he is today. He has grown into and developed his leadership skills over the course of his UTD career.

“When I came to college, I was reserved and quiet and almost nervous to speak,” Kiser said. “I’ve gotten to mature and then be a player on the team, but also a player with a voice. I’ve gotten the opportunity to grow into that and definitely be more of a leader.”

Kiser has also gained the respect of his fellow teammates, not only through his excellent performance on the court, but his unifying leadership off the court. He embraces the leadership role that comes with the point guard position, as well as verbal leadership in the locker room.

“He makes the right pass for us and we knock down shots for him,” Kiser’s teammate Nick Donnelly said. “Luke is a great teammate. He’s kind of what brings us all together.”

Kiser said one of his favorite moments from his career was the Feb. 3 game earlier this season against HSU. He recorded a double-double in that game, with 12 points, 10 rebounds, four assists and two steals, leading his team to a 76-67 victory and first place in the ASC.

“We had to play well and there was a good crowd there and I was playing with the guys that I came in with as freshmen,” Kiser said. “It was a big game and I was playing with guys that I care about and have gotten to be around for three years.”

Kiser is looking forward to the final stretch of the regular season. He hopes to secure home-court advantage for the ASC championship tournament and encourages UTD students to attend. He is proud of his team’s performance this season, but also seeks to improve.

“I’m excited, eager about the task at hand,” Kiser said. “Looking forward to hopefully getting the opportunity to compete in the national tournament.”



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