Letters to the Editor 06/28/04

<strong>Inspiration for song lyrics should have come from within</strong>

I find it appalling that the university would pay $10,000 for someone outside of the school to come up with an Alma Mater. That should have been something reserved for those within the school. If those responsible had been able to foster enough enthusiasm, why wouldn’t another bright talent among us be able to come with the lyrics? None of the great songs that inspire patriotism in America were written as a result of someone being paid to do so. They were feelings, visions, and dreams true to their hearts. You certainly can’t manufacture pride – not in a country or a school.

<em>-Renny Daniel</em>

<em>Junior, Computer Science</em>

<strong>Both sides are wrong in homosexuality debate</strong>

Please allow me to respond to two recent letters, one from Mr. Hamblin, and one from Mr. Cruz. Sirs, you are both right. Now, let me see if I can show you where you are both wrong.

Mr. Hamblin, you are presenting a Biblical argument to a man who is not familiar with the Bible, nor does he embrace Christian ideology. Mr. Cruz, you are asking Mr. Hamblin to accept a lifestyle (homosexuality) which is counter to the tenets of his faith. By arguing from these separate foundations, I don’t see how any of us can agree.

Why not look for the common ground – the goals of fairness, equality and respect, which is what everyone wants, regardless of their position or platform. I don’t believe we can begin to achieve any kind of equality until we accept the basic right of all people to live their chosen lifestyle, even if it differs from yours.

Otherwise, we simply continue to discriminate against a different group in each generation, so that the whole idea of discrimination becomes one of a trendy, grab-bag sort of practice where everyone is fair game. Yesterday it was homosexuals. Today it’s Christians. Who’s next?

<em>- Eileen Baland</em>

<em>Graduate, Arts & Humanities</em>

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