Letter to freshmen

Photo Courtesy of Ananya Malik

Alumna Ananya Malik writes in to wish incoming freshmen well

Welcome to UTD! While the beginning of your freshman year is surely far from what you expected, I encourage you to make the most of your time in college, unorthodox as it may be. The beauty of UTD is the opportunity to choose your own path and develop your interests; you have so much freedom to create the opportunities that interest you.

The community of students, faculty and staff at UTD all want to see you succeed, and will move Heaven and Earth to ensure your dreams come true. Don’t squander this time in your life: it only comes once and is over before you know it.

This fall, you will take your place among generations of other Comets. You will become part of a legacy of excellence in your own unique way. All of us are excited to see how you use your four years at UTD and, perhaps more importantly, how you leave UTD better than you found it. Service is the hallmark of a true Comet, and I encourage you to take part in this tradition. The amount of personal growth you will experience during college is truly a cause for celebration and excitement, and I hope you take advantage of every chance to do good.

To the classes my cohort leaves behind — ‘21, ’22 and ’23 — it’s been an honor to share campus with you. You all inspire me every day, and I’m proud to leave UTD in your hands. Thank you for the memories and all of the good times.

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