Kate Crowe, soccer star

Kate Crowe


Kate Crowe has skyrocketed to success in her senior year, leading the Comets as a consistent American Southwest Conference, or ASC, game leader in overall goals, game winning goals and points scored.

Immersed in soccer culture since the age of three in Edmond, Oklahoma, Crowe found early success in athletics. By her sophomore year at Deer Creek High School, Crowe was already seeking universities with strong criminology and soccer programs. She visited UTD for the first time in summer 2017 for soccer camp and found herself captivated by the school’s aesthetic and academic focus, even if it wasn’t her first choice.

Then, Crowe’s plans came to a sudden stop her junior year. She became diagnosed with compartment syndrome, a painful and immobilizing excess of pressure that is permanent if not treated with corrective surgery, a procedure she received on both legs. It set her back in the recruitment process, but an open offer remained at UTD. After talking with the coaches, she knew where she needed to go.

“I just remember sitting there, kind of not knowing what I was gonna do,” Crowe said. “[Then I] remembered how much I liked UT Dallas.”

Crowe proceeded to wrap up her high school career with a bang. In her senior year, she earned the All-State honor, one of the highest ranks in soccer, while also maintaining a strong basketball, track and cross country career, along with membership in the National Honor Society.

“There are a lot of things that drew me to the school, and ultimately I decided that Division III soccer would be something that appealed to me because of the balance between academics in school and athletic life,” Crowe said.

Crowe arrived at UTD in 2020 during the pandemic as a cognitive science major, interested in unraveling the science behind counterterrorism tactics, before switching to political science in preparation for law school. It also marked the beginning of her collegiate soccer career, six months later than when it was supposed to start. While she was named an Academic All-ASC, an honor she would earn every year, she only played seven games off the bench her freshman year.

In her sophomore year, Crowe played 17 games frequently on and off the bench, making four shots on goal and one assist.

In her junior year, Crowe played off bench for four games and started for four games as midfield, earning five goals and scoring each goal needed to win against LeTourneau on Oct. 20, 2022.

“I was playing holding mid my first three years, which is typically not my position, and it’s more of a defensive position,” Crowe said. “I’ve been able to broaden my skill set and ability to learn how to adapt on the field, which I think is really important.”

Under the direction of new coaches, Crowe was out in center forward starting this season, which resulted in Crowe skyrocketing on the leaderboard. Where she was formerly the 12th best offensive player on the team, she is now considered the second best. Despite receiving a concussion in a game against The East Baptist Tigers Sept. 22 in the first half, forcing her to miss out on two games before the Sul Ross game Sept. 30, Crowe is still an ASC game leader for No. 7 in points scored, No. 8 in game winning goals, and No. 9 in goals scored.

“I feel like I’m playing a whole new season of soccer like I’m a freshman again,” Crowe said. “It’s new and it’s exciting and I feel like I can take risks and I’m getting paid off for it.”

With 301 minutes played thus far, this has been her best season overall, but it has also been a journey to find balance between her academic responsibilities and her 18-year passion for athletics. The pressure between both was consuming, but today she describes it as an outlet and something to look forward to.

“I just don’t put too much pressure on myself to get these results and don’t let the mental side take over, because it certainly can,” Crowe said. “[I] just enjoy it because it’s my last year ever of soccer, so I wanna go out regretting nothing.”

Crowe credits intense yet rewarding training from her coaches and the perseverance of her teammates for the success she has this season.

“We have gone through a lot as a team off the field and on the field, and these are people that will probably stick with me for the rest of my life,” Crowe said.

Crowe returned to the field Sept. 30 after recovering from her concussion and continues to make strides as an offensive force of nature. She encouraged students to come see the well-kept field and the Comets in action.

“When you [mix] in the sport and your university, there’s so much passion and it’s so exciting and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to be part of that,” Crowe said. “The best way to believe it is to see it.”


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