So I heard you like lists?


A lot of things have been announced this week that I am really excited for. We have seen announcements on “Rock Band 4” from Harmonix, some cool Virtual Reality and “Steam Box” announcements from Valve, and some really great news about Xbox Live integration and development with Windows 10.

That news is too new for me to cover though, since I enjoy doing my research and knowing more about a topic so I can actually give my views on it.

For that reason I am doing a YouTube recommendation! I can already hear the sarcastic cheers. Don’t worry though, because unlike my past two recommendations, this one might interest people who do not play video games.

It seems that our generation is obsessed with lists. I personally enjoy lists of interesting information. Sadly I only ever see that someone has shared a mindless list of nonsense produced by organizations such as BuzzFeed, Elite Daily, or (fill in other rubbish site here).

Although I enjoy lists of cool information, I would still rather get the information from audio or video rather than text. Luckily for me I found a YouTube channel that can help me with that.

Matthew Santoro’s YouTube channel is completely dedicated to making lists of interesting information. His videos range from lists of Conspiracy Theories that turned out to be true, to lists of video game characters that were based on real people. Sometimes the way he delivers the information can be off-putting if you do not enjoy super high energy animated people.

Now that I have recommended a channel that gives lists of information, it is fitting that I do not make a list of my favorite videos. You should just go explore his videos yourself!

Follow this link to the channel and tell me what you think!


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