Eurotrip is scheisse

“Eurotrip” had promise as another teen cult classic, brandishing the supposed masterminds behind films such as “Old School” and “Road Trip,” but in the end, it fell far short.

The story line followed Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz) on a quest through Europe for a sexy German girl named Mieke (Jessica Bohrs). With his smarmy friends Copper (Jacob Pitts), Jamie (Travis Wester) and Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg), Scotty embarks on a classic misadventure of youthful love. The plot is the well-worn boy meets girl, boy loses girl because he reprimands her for being a homosexual male and boy hunts girl down in Europe to apologize, profess his love and have sex in a Vatican confessional.

To its credit, the promoters knew exactly what demographic to target: horny young men.

The promotional web site covers all the bases: “Rated R for sexuality, nudity, language, drug and alcohol use.” Is there anything else a college-aged male could want?

“Eurotrip” is replete with the same tired old antics and clichés of the teen sex romp genre. It almost takes on the characteristics of a spoof, but it is not nearly funny enough to qualify.

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