Easter bunny visits Waterview

Howls of savage joy echoed across darkened buildings of UTD as a lone figure darted across the Phase 8 grounds. He was hounded by a mob close on his heels. They followed him over hills, through buildings and even dove undauntedly through water after him. They have only one thing on their minds – eggs.

At 10 p.m. on April 8, the Peer Advisors (PAs) and Residential Life sponsored an egg hunt for UTD students. Popcorn and punch was provided in the clubhouse, and the festivities were topped off with an appearance of the Easter Bunny himself.

After meeting in the clubhouse, the egg hunters were let loose to find plastic eggs hidden all over Phase 8 grounds.

Many an innocent egg was trampled underfoot by the frenzied crowd as the students fought to gain the brightly colored plastic treasures.

Students scoured bushes and trees, scrambling to snatch as many eggs as they could before their neighbors could find them.

With their bags full of loot, the hunters then returned to the clubhouse where every 10 eggs were exchanged for a raffle ticket, redeemable for free food.

The PAs then ran out again followed closely by the hunters whooping gleefully as they resumed the chase. These Easter bunnies threw the eggs at random as they ran around Phase 8. They even dumped a load of eggs into the pool.

One of the many who ended up jumping into the pool, participant Brian Smith said, “I may be soaked, I may be an idiot, but I’m the one with the eggs.”

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