Chi Phi to cease operations while undergoing investigation of misconduct

Hamid Shah

The UTD chapter of Chi Phi fraternity is undergoing investigation after the Dean of Students office received an anonymous report of misconduct.

Dean of Students Amanda Smith said the report was referred to the office by Fraternity and Sorority Life on Oct. 19 and investigation began the morning of Oct. 20. Chi Phi fraternity has been asked to cease operations through the duration of the investigation.

“They are not meeting while we are conducting the investigation, which is common procedure,” Smith said. “Nothing has been decided, nothing has been determined. There’s no permanent situation here.”

Chi Phi Advisor Nick Hinojosa confirmed Smith’s comment.

“The chapter has not lost its charter,” Hinojosa said. “By no means has it shut down permanently.”

The anonymous report’s contents couldn’t be disclosed while the investigation is underway, Smith said.

“Until we can come to a conclusion, we have to keep that information internal,” Smith said. “The purpose of that is to maintain the integrity of the investigation.”

Although she said the investigation is being conducted as rapidly and thoroughly as possible, Smith could not confirm when it will come to an end.

“(For) any investigation, what it is we do is call in all related parties and get as many of the facts as we possibly can,” she said. “We conduct an investigation and then we will make a determination based on the facts of the finding. If we find the group not responsible, then it’s over. If we find them responsible, then we bring them in and they have an opportunity to accept the responsibility and the sanctions that are imposed or they can accept responsibility and not agree with the sanctions and appeal that to the President. Or they can not accept responsibility and ask that the case be taken in to a discipline committee hearing.”

This is how all reports of misconduct are handled, whether it’s for an individual student or a student group.

Director of FSL Kevin Saberre said there is nothing his office can share at this point in time.

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