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The 7-Eleven at Northside is just a 10 minute walk from the main part of campus. Photo by Ben Nguyen | Mercury Staff




Navigating Comet Cash spending locations

Comet Cash — usable with a swipe of your Comet Card — is your handy-dandy version of Monopoly money for UTD services! Besides paying for your various on-campus academic needs such as parking fees or the bookstore, it can buy your most important commodity: food.

There are various locations where your Comet Cash is usable currency, including any restaurant on campus, as well as various off campus merchants. On campus, this includes any restaurant in the Student Union, Dining Hall West and Parking Garage 3.

Off campus, there are seven restaurants that accept Comet Cash:

A place to get sandwiches, salads, pastas or bakery sweets with prices ranges ranging from $8 to $12 depending on the extras you throw on your entrees.

A Mediterranean affair, serving a variety of gyros and platters ranging from $9 to $12.

  • Snappy Salads: 320 W Campbell Dr
    A salad and wrap location, with a large variety of options. Prices range from $10 and above; however, it’s a nice, healthy and tasty lunch option.

The Northside Convenience store. Think of a gas station, but without the gas pumps. You can come by here for all manner of late-night snacks and drinks, and it’s open 24 hours a day.

Another Northside location, this bar serves a variety of food from sandwiches and burgers to pretzels and deep-fried pickles. Even if you aren’t of legal drinking age, you can still get something to eat, with appetizers ranging from $5 to $8 and entrees between $7 and $10.

The last Northside location that accepts Comet Cash. From rice bowls to gyros, everything on offer starts around $10 and goes up as you add drinks and sides.

A wonderful pizza place, with customizable pizzas, calzones and more. Prices depend on the size of pizza you buy, going from $10 to $20. There’s also special deals offered every day, so check their website for the special you want.

If you or your relatives want to add money to your Comet Cash account, go login to GET, UTD’s Online ID Management System.

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