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‘Butcher Bay’ bucks the trend of movie-adapted games

Video game adaptations of movies have a long and glorious history of being astoundingly terrible. Most are quickly produced for the sole purpose of riding a hype wave on a …
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Activity Center slams door on own students

If six people read this column, that will be five more than there were in the basketball gym one recent Saturday evening.

And because of the Activity Center’s restrictive …
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Call boxes to be replaced

After almost a semester with dilapidated emergency phones, the university is preparing to install seven new call boxes with cell phone technology.

Virgil Robinson, crime prevention coordinator, said the …
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News Briefs 06/28/04

<strong>Waterview death ruled an overdose</strong>

The death of a 25-year-old male in Phase 7 Waterview Park apartment April 5 was the result of a prescription drug overdose, according to …
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Summer Fun

Ripping out your follicles because of boredom? Feeding your cat dog food, because you have nothing else to do? Fear not ye bored ones, for we have the cure to …
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Alcohol petition submitted

The easing of alcohol restrictions in Richardson restaurants, including The Pub at UTD, moved one step closer to the ballot box with the May 28 submission of a petition to …
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UTD film makers take top honors in 24-hour video race

With only 24 hours to produce their entry, a group of UTD Arts and Technology students created an award-winning, five-minute film for the Video Race hosted by the Video Association …
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News Briefs – June 7

<strong>Activity Center construction delayed</strong>

Activity Center construction may be delayed until July or August due to rising construction costs.

“Steel prices have gone out the roof, and right …
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Postcard from Africa

<strong>Editor’s Note: The UTD Mercury is highlighting the adventures of UTD students who travel abroad. In this installment, Sophie Rutenbar, a junior social sciences major, shares her experiences during her …
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UTD needs language to achieve top-tier status

D.S. Croft once said, “If you can speak three languages you’re trilingual. If you can speak two languages you’re bilingual. If you can speak only one language you’re an American.”

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