Arochi Trial: September 9

More witnesses testified on day three of the trial of Enrique Arochi, including Morris’ former boyfriend. Logan Prendergast, who said he dated Morris on and off since seventh grade, testified that they lived together in an apartment in Addison before breaking up in 2013.

That’s when she moved to Forth Worth with Hunter Foster, who Prendergast said was his best friend. Morris started dating Foster shortly after breaking up with Prendergast.
Foster is currently serving a two year and nine month prison sentence on a single charge of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. Prendergast said it was well known among friends, including Morris, that Foster dealt drugs.
Prendergast said around the time of the break up, he and Foster got into a physical altercation with one another. For 10 months after they broke up, Prendergast and Morris did not see each other. Then, early on the morning of Aug. 30, 2014, Prendergast said he received a phone call from Morris, who he said called looking for Foster.He said he was upset Morris called him.
“I don’t think you should be calling me looking for your boyfriend I don’t really like anymore,” is what he told her, he testified.
He said he never saw Foster that night. Later the next week, Prendergast said he heard Morris had gone missing.
Prendergast testified Morris often asked someone to walk with her to her car and that she wouldn’t go out alone after the sun went down.
Although the defense made objections to video of surveillance footage from the night of Morris’ disappearance being shown in court based on questions of accuracy, Judge Rusch ultimately allowed video playback.

Above is part of that surveillance footage. It was taken from the security camera at the Shops at Legacy in Plano and shows Morris leaving with Arochi.
He also allowed phone records from Sprint to be admitted despite objections from the defense, saying Sprint did not require a probable cause determination to release records.
Additionally, the prosecution has started to piece together a timeline of the events of the night Morris disappeared for jurors.
The trial is set to continue at 8:30 a.m. Monday morning at the Collin County courthouse in McKinney. Since one juror has a medical appointment that day, the trial will recess at noon.

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