7/11 to accept Comet Cash

Photo by Ambarina Hasta | Mercury Staff.

Earlier this month, the 7/11 store at Northside began accepting Comet Cash as a form of payment.

Paulina Schleppenbach, the director of the Comet Card office, said UTD students now have the option of putting Comet Cash into a general account — via the GET portal — and using that money both at on-campus vendors and select off-campus vendors. Schleppenbach said it is important to distinguish between meal money and Comet Cash, both of which are tied to Comet Cards.

“Students also can have a meal plan and have meal money and swipes to enter into the dining hall,” she said. “Those students cannot swipe or cannot purchase anything at 7/11, if they don’t have Comet Cash. The meal money is separate from the Comet Cash.”

Schleppenbach said the off-campus merchant program began at the end of 2015. By the end of 2016, the program had three vendors — The Halal Guys on South Central Expressway, Corner Bakery Café and Chipotle on Campbell Road. The most recent vendors to join the program — in addition to the 7/11 at Northside — are Snappy Salads on Campbell Road and American Tap Room at Northside. Schleppenbach said both vendors and students benefit from the program.

“(The students) are able to use other locations outside campus,” Schleppenbach said. “The purpose of the program was to expand the services of the card and give the students more options.”

Schleppenbach said her office is updating its website and marketing and that she is hopeful for more outside merchants joining the program in the near future.

“We always welcome any suggestions of vendors outside campus that come from students that might be interested in using the card at those locations,” Schleppenbach said. “We will be more than happy to forward those leads to our outsource contract and see, hopefully, if they’re fine for the program.”

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