Day: March 27, 2017


Golf in full swing for spring season

A UTD golf player is using her platform as an athlete to draw attention to a cause dear to her as the team...


School first, soccer second

A sophomore soccer player, who’s received offers to go pro in France, is pursuing his education at UTD before attempting to play professionally....

Life & Arts

Q&A: Comedian Rory Scovel

On March 21, comedian Rory Scovel performed as part of  SUAAB’S Springapalooza’s festival. The Mercury sat down with him to talk about his...

Life & Arts

Live-action reboot stuns with visuals

“Beauty and the Beast,” Disney’s latest in a line of live-action reboots, broke box office records in its opening weekend with a combination...

Life & Arts

‘Zelda’ game breathes life into industry

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is a different take on the traditional LOZ franchise because of additions like voice acting...

Life & Arts

Understanding literature through anime

A space research scientist and an Arts and Humanities professor have teamed up for almost a decade to co-teach a literature course that...


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