Nothing but a good thing

Series 1:  Students take part in a real-life game of Battleship on Aug. 26. at the Phase VIII pool, where they try to sink the other team’s ship. The event started just before the Comet Luau, which featured festive food and a dancing lesson. Among the main attractions were a special-ordered $700 cake, which was modeled after a pig on a stake. Akshay Harshe|Mercury Staff

Series 2: Several hungry students participated in a watermelon-eating contest as part of the EPPS-travaganza on Aug. 29. An audience witnessed these brave Comets choke down the juicy fruit as quickly as they could. 

Series3: Economic, Political & Policy Sciences, or EPPS, dean James Marquart splash in the dunk tank during “EPPS-trvaganza” on Aug. 29.  Several other professors and staff were dunked, as well, including Prof Boots. The event was organized by EPPS as part of Welcome Week where students could take part in a watermelon eating contest in addition to the “Dunk the dean contest.” Aisha Noor, a political science senior, won an iPad 2 in a raffle drawing, also a part of “EPPS-travaganza.”

Ben Hawkins| Mercury Staff

Series 4: Freshman Kaushik Joshi uses chopsticks to pull glass peebles from the vase  to win a prize during the Cometville Carnival on Aug. 24.  Dean of Students Gene Fitch poses next to UTD police Chief Larry Zacharias for a mug shot after his arrest during Jail and Bail Aug. 24. Jail and Bail  raises money for the Staff Council Endowed scholarship fund. 

Poker enthusiast Aron Aitchison, a finance senior, collects his winnings at the table during the poker tournament on Aug. 25.  Couple Aron Allen and Karie Vieth look on as teams compete in answering questions about men an women issues during Sex Bowl in the Galaxy rooms on Aug. 24.

Albert Ramirez |Photo Editor

Students line up for a free snow cone during the Comet Cones event on Aug. 26 at the ECS courtyard. The cones provided a break from the scorching summer heat. Students bring out their wild side at Rec & Wild on Aug. 25. Participants could take a free trip down a water slide.

Chris Wang | Mercury Staff

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