09 07 2021 Issue

Food Truck Time | September 7, 2021

After a year-and-a-half hiatus, food trucks are back on campus! If you see a crowd gathered outside the Student Union between 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on a weekday, they’re probably getting lunch from the day’s lineup of food truck partners. With 11 different trucks on rotation, food options range from egg sandwiches and boba to pizza […]

Program turns anybody into developers | September 7, 2021

UTD is partnering with Fullstack Academy to create bootcamps that teach students technical skills. Fullstack Academy, a tech-immersion program based in New York, reached out to UTD expressing interest in partnering with the University. Department Head of Electrical & Computer Engineering Lawrence Overzet offered to collaborate with the Academy because he thought it would greatly […]

Meet your Student Government Judicial Board | September 7, 2021

Josh Babu | Neuroscience Junior (Not pictured) “Academic Affairs will be focused on making this new school year as accessible as possible so as many students are on campus for the first time in a long time or ever. We want to make this academic transition as kind and conscious as possible as we are […]

Emergency Relief Fund reupped | September 7, 2021

After a change in its primary funding mechanism, UTD’s Emergency Support Fund (ESF) is still available for students seeking financial assistance. Created during the peak of the pandemic in 2020, the grant started within the Division of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Financial Aid Office and the Bursar’s Office. Funds for the ESF originated […]

Sweet sweat sensors | September 7, 2021

A UTD research team recently created sweat sensors that detect the body’s immune response to viral infections. With funding from the North Texas-based company EnLiSense, UTD scientists in 2018 wanted to develop a non-invasive device that would detect and alert if a person was exposed to the Influenza virus. UTD bioengineering professor Shalini Prasad is […]

Fire near campus | September 7, 2021

A house close to campus near Huntington Drive caught fire on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 4. Firefighters arrived on scene at approximately 8:30 p.m. and attempted to contain the damage; roughly four fire trucks, as well as electrical emergency services and other emergency vehicles, were present. The fire was thought to have been due […]

GOAT of UTD Esports moves on | September 7, 2021

After three years of running UTD Esports, Greg Adler will be moving on to the LCS Operations team at Riot Games. In his time on campus, Adler accomplished many things while refining the esports program. Starting with a League of Legends and an Overwatch team, the Esports team has since expanded into Super Smash Bros. […]

Coach check-in: Marci Allison | September 7, 2021

For the second iteration of “Coach check-in,” I sat down with Head Volleyball Coach Marci Allison to discuss the summer accolades accrued by the volleyball team—who went undefeated in last year’s regular season—the impact of the abbreviated offseason and her expectations for the fall. Can you give me an overview of the previous season? How […]

Best of 5 thoughts on esports | September 7, 2021

In this week’s “Best of 5,” the GOAT of UTD Esports moves on to greener pastures, Minecraft players continue to top the Smash Ultimate scene and LANs are canceled. This week we’re on the losing side, but sometimes in life you’ve got to make a loser’s run. Greg Adler moves on from the Esports Director […]

$5 for 5 Hours: Musynx | September 7, 2021

Can you feel the beat? Even if you can, it might not help you play this rhythm game. Musynx is a rhythm game for $3.99 that is similar to all of the rhythm games that came before it: difficult and containing high-speed charts and almost midi-accurate mappings of notes to the music. But there are […]

Novel takes readers to new depths | September 7, 2021

“It is known where we come from, but no one much cares about things like that anymore.” Thus begins celebrated author Chang-Rae Lee’s dive into a dystopian future that honestly comes a little too close for comfort. Calling it dystopian prepares you for Hunger Games-level spectacle, Orwellian repression or Gilead-like depravity. However, Lee’s vision of […]

What’s what: this month’s local art highlights | September 7, 2021

As this semester eases into its monotonous groove, it’s time for Comets to get cultured. How else are you going to sound smart in that art elective you enrolled in for core credit? Peruse the finest DFW art selections with this curated guide: 1. Armando Sebastian “Serenade” A standout of the Dallas arts scene, Armando […]

Fire and Adjust | September 7, 2021

Our nation’s mortified exit from Afghanistan has wrenched open barely mended wounds; among its old conscripts, refugees and young veterans of war, there is a terrible feeling that our nation has done it again: sustained continued bloodshed for nothing. When Afghanistan’s regional capitols began falling to the Taliban last month, analogies to the Vietnam War […]

I want YOU to get vaccinated! | September 7, 2021

As the semester kicks off to a crowded “de-densified” start, we predictably see our phones notifying us every day of a new long list of COVID-19 positive students. In order to ensure the true safety of the UTD community and surrounding areas, it’s really no question at this point: all students need to get vaccinated. […]

I have a comic 4 you! | September 7, 2021

There are many misconceptions about comics, the main two being that they are only about superheroes or are just there for the Sunday funnies in newspapers. So, to divorce you from any misunderstandings that you have about the comic medium, my first recommendation and review are for a series called“Amelia Rules!”by Jimmy Gownley. To summarize, […]

Athletes struggling with mental health need our support | September 7, 2021

Simone Biles’s decision to withdraw from the Olympics emblemizes the need to be more empathetic toward athletes who are focusing on their well-being and promote open discussion of mental health in sports. Simone Biles and her extraordinary achievements increasingly put her in the spotlight. The entire sports world constantly scrutinizes her every move, which has […]