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Student gatherings: what’s permitted, what’s not | August 31, 2020

Student gatherings and club events are prohibited until further notice – with exceptions for free speech activities. Student organization officers received an email from the Student Organization Center on Aug. 18 prohibiting face-to-face or socially distanced events – indoor or outdoor – during the fall 2020 semester. Furthermore, the email said that the EMS room […]

Making a name from TikTok fame | August 31, 2020

Famous isn’t an inaccurate description of finance freshman Karthik Veduruparthi. College student by day and TikTok star by night, he boasts six hundred thousand followers and counting. He, as well as computer science sophomore Tisha Arora and marketing sophomore Neha Dharma, are popular creators on the acclaimed video-sharing platform who have garnered considerable fanbases with […]

Friendship through the screen | August 31, 2020

A year ago, students walked into class, chose a seat and made small talk with their classmates — a luxury we no longer have. A valid concern, in light of students and teachers opting for online classes, is the issue of making friends virtually. Physics professor Amena Khan said in a typical in-person setting, her […]

Think outside the (potato) bun | August 31, 2020

Edit as of 9/4/2020, 3:00pm: when contacted by The Mercury earlier today, Dining Services said that the Taco Bell Cantina was not able to open Sept. 3 as previously anticipated. Instead, they plan to open Sept. 10, and will still be available for walk-in and Starship deliveries. If you’re a fan of endless tacos, cheap […]

University closes select fall 2020 dining venues | August 31, 2020

Comets will have fewer places to dine this semester, as about two-thirds of on-campus dining locations close until further notice. As of August 28, only six venues will remain open: Chick-fil-A, The Pub, Taco Bell Cantina, Dining Hall West, Papa John’s and The Market at DHW. At Northside, 7/11, the American Tap Room and Starbucks […]

UT Dallas Police Department, Richardson Police respond to Black Lives Matter protests | August 31, 2020

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, the UTD Police Department and Richardson Police have implemented new training and procedural measures to address advocates’ concerns. Following the death of George Floyd in late May, a Richardson Police Department press release stated the department’s opposition towards the actions of the officers involved. Mentioning the ‘continued […]

‘We have something for everyone, so stay active’ | August 31, 2020

Students can now return to recreation facilities on campus—but with a few caveats. Tricia Losavio, the director of UREC, said that the Activity Center and Rec Center West are currently open, and over 250 students have used the facilities between Aug. 10 and Aug. 20. “Students have to register for a time to work out […]

Visas are vital | August 31, 2020

As election season nears, it is crucial to understand the impact of the working visa program and how halting it will deprive the nation of a prospering culture of wealth, diversity and knowledge. The current administration has been persistent in its agenda of restricting immigration. According to the White House, restrictions that have been successfully […]

At the mercy of the machine | August 31, 2020

Hiring season is back in full swing. Candidates are polishing their interviewing skills, hoping to snag coveted positions at tech companies. Unfortunately, many minority applicants are shut out even before they can answer “tell me a little bit about yourself.” When Black Lives Matters protests erupted across the nation, major tech companies like Amazon, Facebook […]

College + Greek life = a new you | August 31, 2020

The dreaded red solo cup. Every sorority girl’s worst nightmare is to be caught on camera with it. I won’t sugar coat it: your sorority or fraternity will absolutely dictate the types of posts you can make on social media at some level, at least until you’re 21. If you’re thinking about going into Greek […]

On the front lines | August 31, 2020

Following the fall athletics suspension, the UTD Athletics Department has introduced a new undertaking to spread some positivity: Comet Frontline Heroes. The video project highlights the work of former student-athletes at the forefront of the pandemic. It’s a collection of video profile interviews conducted by assistant athletic director Dave Wester. Episodes are slated to be […]

“League of Legends” club create the UTD League Championship Series | August 31, 2020

The LOLUTD club had players of all ranks battle against one another in a summer LCS-style tournament. The tournament consisted of ten five-player teams competing over the course of five weeks in a round-robin format, as opposed to a classic elimination-style format. Biology senior and LOLUTD officer Sahajveer Mann said their team wanted to do […]

‘League of Legends’ A team ends season with close loss against Winthrop University | March 31, 2020

Esports to cease competing for rest of semester due to COVID-19 The “League of Legends” A Team recently ended their College League of Legends tournament run with a loss against Winthrop University at quarterfinals in a close 3-2 series. The Comets closing series against Winthrop was the climax of a constantly changing season of “League […]

Six Feet Apart | March 31, 2020

Heeding social distancing and other ways to save the world The new strain of coronavirus has rapidly spread worldwide — blurring the line between irrational panic and rational caution. Empty aisles line grocery stores as fearful stockpiling of toilet paper and water persists. Several states have declared states of emergency and restaurants and movie theaters […]

‘More applicants than beds to offer’ | March 31, 2020

An inside look at UTD’s housing Frenzied students sat ready in front of their laptops, furiously checking the time. Impatiently, they waited for their chance to enter the housing portal, which was rapidly filling up before their eyes, and choose what would most likely be their home for the next year. This school year, housing […]

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