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Social justice For You | August 16, 2020

Though TikTok started off as a social media app for dancing teenagers and funny cat videos, it has recently become a favored platform for Gen-Z and millennials to facilitate social justice and address the inequity in our world today. Many activists take to TikTok because of its viral nature. Unlike other social media apps such […]

Arguing against the AATA | August 16, 2020

The life of an unborn person cannot reasonably supersede the rights of those carrying them. Blanket abortion restrictions like the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act fail to address the effects of such restrictions and infringe upon Texans’ rights with little evidence in reducing abortion rates. Abstractly, the legality of abortion debates an unborn person’s […]

A ‘Smash’ hit | August 16, 2020

In a recent Smash tournament, UTD’s “Super Smash Bros.” teams beat out some of the best esports teams in Texas before competing against one another and taking home first and second place. The Rec Readiness Gaming Crew Battle, hosted by Recreation Readiness this month, was a Smash tournament that featured renowned university and professional Smash […]

Seasons ceasing? | August 16, 2020

Following the ASC’s announcement to postpone fall 2020 sports to spring, UTD also announced its intent to resume sports next semester. Shortly after the ASC’s decision, on August 5 the NCAA announced that Division III fall championships were canceled. Part of this directive will allow member institutions — and sports programs within those institutions — […]

Rushing to online | August 16, 2020

A warm welcome from their sorority sisters used to feel close and personal. Now, new recruits are welcomed to the sisterhood ten feet apart from one another. Greek organizations have now had to adjust to recruiting people differently because of COVID-19. The recruitment process is not streamlined. Greek life is categorized into four Greek governing […]

‘An effective treatment to reduce the severity and duration of a COVID infection’ | August 16, 2020

A pharmaceutical company used a research study from UTD for affirming its potential treatment for COVID-19 recovery. COVID-19 causes inflammation in the lungs. Co-author of the research study in question — BBS professor Theodore Price — said this inflammatory response is initially caused by the immune system but can later be exacerbated by the nervous […]

Housing safety restrictions | August 16, 2020

On-campus housing for the fall semester will experience a new series of safety restrictions meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Already in effect, these restrictions began with a spaced-out series of move-in days. Compared to the prior move-in windows of three to four days, UTD has allotted 12 days for students to enter their […]

JSOM student petitions removal of certain online class fees | August 16, 2020

A UTD student started an online petition criticizing the university for charging distance learning fees for certain courses in JSOM. Business analytics graduate student Shreyas Chaturvedi created a petition on July 22 titled, “Refund students paying an extra $960 for online classes at UTD.” As of August 14, 5,315 people have signed it. “The University […]

Pre-med, pre-law students share experience with taking gap years | August 16, 2020

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 59.9% of students in 2015 reported taking a gap year before starting medical school. Students opting for a gap year typically spend that time on personal development, projects or developing a more competitive application. Spring 2020 biochemistry graduate Rachel Nguyen said she used the time to work […]

Are you looking after yourself? | August 16, 2020

Q: What are the ways I can help a friend who is having an anxiety/panic attack? -B Given that nearly 18% of Americans are affected by anxiety disorders, chances are you know someone who is at risk for a panic attack. If an attack strikes, stay by their side and lend them your undivided attention.  […]

Students help asylum seekers get legal assistance | August 16, 2020

A group of UTD students recently took up a project to help increase legal representation for asylum seekers in the Dallas area. In partnership with the UNT College of Law and supervised by Catholic Charities Dallas, six students from the UTD chapter of the Roosevelt Network — including mathematics junior Ted Shi — are leading […]

Boba-fide success | August 16, 2020

With most small businesses facing hard times due to the pandemic, boba shops have stood out from the crowd — surviving and thriving during the COVID-19 environment. It was early March when COVID was starting to become more prominent in the U.S., and Terry Pham, Fat Straws founder and CEO, suggested starting a delivery service […]

Kicking off the Sunday shoes | August 16, 2020

Pushing furniture to the side of a room and training on concrete are a couple of accommodations the Power Dancers made for virtual practice this summer; but as the fall semester begins, plans remain uncertain for student dance organizations. Speech-language pathology junior and captain of UTD’s drill team Kelsey Vong said they are looking into […]

Comet Cupboard continues to operate despite physical location closing | April 16, 2020

Volunteers prepare boxes of food to distribute to students on first-come first-serve basis The Comet Cupboard’s campus location shut down indefinitely due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Despite the shutdown, the Comet Cupboard staff is continuing to distribute food to the UTD community by packaging and handing out boxes through food donation drives. Staff members […]

Good Life Versus Long LIfe | April 16, 2020

‘Being Mortal,’ rethinking end-of-life care Unfortunately, you’re going to die. However, through modern medicine, that can be postponed — risk of death from common infection, injury and disease has become much more manageable. This holds true until we reach old age, where surgeon and writer Atul Gawande argues the medicine currently being practiced can act […]

Ask Emily | April 16, 2020

Advice from one student to another The only thing on the news right now is the novel coronavirus, yet somehow it still feels so surreal. While the news is covering the number of cases and reporting the latest shelter-in-place rulings, individuals are struggling with their mental health. Being locked in your home and only able […]


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