06 28 2021 Issue

Comet baseball’s best-ever season! | June 28, 2021

Returning from a season prematurely canceled by COVID-19 with a vengeance, the 2021 UTD Baseball team put together their best season in 20 years of existence, winning both the regular season and the American Southwest Conference (ASC) Championship. Head coach Shane Shewmake said that it’s the first time the team experienced such a dominant season. […]

COVID variant spreads from India | June 28, 2021

UT Southwestern researchers have identified several cases of the highly infectious COVID-19 variant from India in North Texas. Since the beginning of the pandemic, UT Southwestern has been conducting tests on COVID-19 specimens through whole-genome sequencing, which allows researchers to identify viral diseases and mutations that are found in the genetic material of a human […]

New mask guidance | June 28, 2021

Following Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order GA-36, UTD and all other schools in the UT system will no longer require individuals on campus to wear face masks. Mask-wearing is now voluntary everywhere on campus except for the Davidson Gundy Alumni Center, which is still running a COVID-19 vaccine clinic. However, Vice President and Chief of […]

GOP legislative priority analysis | June 28, 2021

Texas GOP lawmakers passed most of the carryover priorities from the 2019 legislative session. However, it is disappointing that they could not finish passing the new priorities they set for this year and must save those leftovers for a special session. In 2020, the Republican Party of Texas passed eight legislative priorities for the 2021 […]

Heartbeat bill: heartless and fruitless | June 28, 2021

“Our Creator endowed us with the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year because of abortion,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott says as he signs Senate Bill 8 (the Heartbeat Bill) into Texas law. In doing so, he maintains his stay on the list of politicians who have used God […]

Tiktoxic by design | June 28, 2021

On the surface, TikTok seems like a harmless way to pass time and learn convenient life hacks, but there’s actually much more to the app than just lip-syncing and DIY videos. Many users are oblivious to the platform’s complex algorithm and the negative impacts it can have on the app’s vast audience. Over the past […]

Women’s doubles tennis team makes historic run | June 28, 2021

Women’s tennis players Samantha Wong and Kathy Joseph made UTD sports history by ending their 2021 season with a semifinals finish at the NCAA doubles championship. The pair was one of just 16 chosen to play in the national competition and the second duo ever sent by UTD. According to a UTD sports article, Joseph […]

Stick(er)ing up for cancer research | February 28, 2021

Combining the classic pink ribbon with her whimsical drawing style, a neuroscience and healthcare studies freshman is now selling her art to raise money for breast cancer research. Izzy Raicu’s interest in breast cancer began with a high school research internship. “In 10th grade, I got paired with a research lab at UT Southwestern, and […]

Ask Sophie: overcoming imposter syndrome | February 28, 2021

The college experience is filled with ups and downs, successes and failures. While the joys of student success can be easily overshadowed by imposter syndrome, it is possible to counter such doubt in oneself by separating fact from feelings.  Almost communally hated by college students, imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to […]

Waste not, want not | February 28, 2021

While some have argued that the recent popularity of thrifting is problematic, thrifting – when done responsibly – is a more sustainable, affordable and accessible option than buying new clothes. In addition to being a great bang-for-your-buck, thrifting has helped normalize wearing secondhand clothes. This is important because buying clothes secondhand helps lift the social […]

Letter to the Editor: The Mercury should do better | February 28, 2021

The Mercury has begun descending into a den of right-wing misinformation. As former editors-in-chief, it is heartbreaking to watch the paper that we worked to make a legitimate outlet become weaponized in this way. Jimmy Teeling’s Feb. 1 op-ed, “Stability through civility,” is emblematic of The Mercury’s recent habit of publishing opinion pieces that are […]

’You are welcome here’ | February 28, 2021

Members of the UTD LGBTQ+ community weigh in on the continuing discrimination in the workplace, including gender-based dress codes, shortened parental leave and limited representation.             On June 15, 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protected members of the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace. This ruling made it illegal […]