04 19 21 Issue

Graduating students can take pictures in front of the spirit rocks (Photo courtesy of Cinthya Parreno.


‘I’m just glad I can check it off the bucket list: I did a game show’ | April 19, 2021

While some students might spend their Wednesday night at home watching TV, Christian Nevarez – an interdisciplinary studies junior – spent Wednesday, April 7 in the studio of Wheel of Fortune to be broadcasted on TV. Once the pandemic hit and classes shifted online, Nevarez moved to California, where – in addition to taking classes […]

Written in the stars | April 19, 2021

While real-life comets are only visible to the human eye for a brief moment in time, two Comets have blazed a bright and brilliant path together for the past 15 years. Jonathan Coker and Megan Newman arrived at UTD in 2006, joining a cohort of 15 Eugene McDermott Scholars. Coker was the first McDermott scholar […]

Dallas Skyline to practice, play on UTD courts | April 19, 2021

The Dallas Skyline, a minor professional basketball team, is calling the UTD Activity Center and University Housing home for its 2021 season. The Skyline is part of the 35-team The Basketball League (TBL), which Team Market Owner Prescott Mack said is considered to be the third level of professional basketball in the US. Mack said […]

Comets land top eight in Overwatch Collegiate Championship | April 19, 2021

UTD’s Overwatch team just finished in the top eight of the Overwatch Collegiate Championship (OWCC), going on to ride the momentum into two tournament wins. Despite having to compete remotely, the Overwatch team persevered beyond what was already its highest placement in the team’s history in the OWCC. This follows an earlier placement in the […]

For the record: professors should record | April 19, 2021

While virtual classes can be exhausting or unengaging for many, class recordings allow students to re-watch lectures at their convenience rather than feel pressed to scribble down messy notes or attend office hours. Even though classes will be held mostly in-person next semester, we should still have the privilege of viewing lecture recordings. UTD announced […]

SG takeaway: April 13 Senate meeting recap | April 19, 2021

The Student Government meeting on April 13 involved resolutions such as promoting transgender rights on campus as well as providing students with free scantrons. The transgender rights resolution was grounded in Texas Senate Bill 1646 authored by Senator Charles Perry in early April. The bill criminalizes gender-affirming care for transgender youth, defining it as an […]

Where, how to register for a vaccine | April 19, 2021

As of March 29, all Texans above the age of 16 are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for free, other than possible administrative fees. Yet, the large number of providers available and their differing policies can make registering to get the shot a convoluted process. For those who are on or near campus, here […]

How to combat vaccine anxiety | April 19, 2021

While approximately 51% percent of U.S. adults have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, many who have received or are planning to receive the shot are experiencing vaccine anxiety, which can make the experience uncomfortable and even discourage them from getting their first or second dose. Daily RX defines vaccine anxiety as […]

University phases in limited in-person events | April 19, 2021

The decline in COVID-19 cases and increase in vaccinations across Texas and on campus have prompted UTD to slowly reintroduce in-person events at a limited capacity. Student organizations that would like to participate in these events must fill out an application and work with university administration to get approval. Applications opened on Feb. 15, and […]

Student EMTs give hands-on medical attention at vaccine sites | April 19, 2021

Student EMTs are providing medical assistance at the COVID-19 vaccine site on campus through the University Emergency Medical Response’s Community Health Initiative. UEMR Captain Elizabeth Helfrich – who started the Community Health Initiative – said the program allows registered EMTs in the UTD community, both affiliated and unaffiliated with UEMR, to volunteer at the vaccine […]

Alexa, let’s chat | April 19, 2021

A UTD research team is a quarterfinalist in Amazon’s Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge 4 to teach the Alexa AI how to converse with humans. After applying for the Challenge in September 2020, Kinjal Basu, a computer science doctoral student, and Gopal Gupta, a computer science professor, were granted $250,000 from Amazon and began gathering […]

Number of people receiving meningitis vaccination declines over past year | April 19, 2021

Vaccinations for meningitis – a requirement for college students in the state of Texas – have decreased in the past year during COVID-19. A study conducted by VaxCare found that among individuals aged 19-49 years old, there was a 60% drop in non-influenza vaccinations during COVID-19. Now, a recent study conducted through pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline […]

University offers postponed alternative for virtual graduation | April 19, 2021

By August 2021, five semesters’ worth of UTD graduates – about 15,000 students – will have finished college primarily in an online format, compelling the university to offer an in-person alternative later in the summer. The university began exploring alternative spring graduation options in February with a survey sent out to graduating students. Judy Barnes, […]

Students’ laptops must meet minimum university standards starting next fall | April 19, 2021

Following the success of an on-campus computer loaning program, incoming freshman who do not own a laptop that meets UTD’s new minimum standard can borrow one this fall. For students worried about meeting the new requirement, Chief Technology Officer Brian Dourty said that the initiative aims to empower students rather than burden them. “It’s not […]

The info-demic: stopping the spread of false information | April 19, 2021

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has proven to be a public health nightmare. But it seems that something else is quickly gaining traction alongside the virus as it continues to plague communities: misinformation. In the scientific community, COVID-19 is relatively new. Although the amount of reliable information has increased within the past year, there […]

Not all Christians are equal | April 19, 2021

Going down the highway, some guy driving recklessly with a Jesus fish on his car cuts me off. A group of my Christian friends invites me to play crude games like Cards Against Humanity. Churches full of Christians have shamed and forced my Christian friends to leave the church because of their sexual orientation. Christians […]

Periods need to be recognized. Period. | April 19, 2021

Ten percent of individuals who menstruate in college face a tough choice: do they buy a box of pads or their next meal? Period equity involves the effort to make menstrual products accessible and advocate for reproductive health – and it needs to be more adequately addressed. The cost of period products is affecting menstruators […]

Chalking up school spirit | April 19, 2021

Several individuals and organizations came together to decorate campus grounds with spirit-themed artwork, kicking off the second year of the UTD Chalk Art Contest. The event is a relatively new addition to the traditional February Homecoming schedule and was one of its few approved in-person events this year; but due to the snowy inclement weather, […]