Volleyball, soccer teams lose out at ASC

The volleyball and soccer teams lost their ASC championships on Nov. 4. Photo by Nikita Bantey | Mercury Staff.


Men’s and women’s soccer and women’s volleyball advanced to the American Southwest Conference championships last week but ultimately lost, concluding a series of high-stakes seasons.

Head volleyball coach Marci Allison began the volleyball program at UTD and has coached the UTD volleyball to five ASC championships.

“Every year the conference is starting to become better and better and more competitive,” Allison said. “We just have to keep raising the level of the program.”

The volleyball team has been undefeated at home games. Alison said that the team often finds that its only competition is itself.

“We’re the only team we need to be worried about,” Allison said. “We can either win games or lose games. We’re not going to do anything different other than control what we can control.”

The volleyball team advanced to the ASC championship game, where it lost 2-3 against Mary-Harding Baylor. Junior Caroline Shecterle had 33 assists during the game.

“(This game) showed how much fight we had,” Shecterle said. “The only reason I did well was because of my teammates. They did super, super well.”

In addition to the volleyball team, the women’s soccer team set a record at UTD, winning 16 games this season under head coach Kanute Drugan.

“No other team in women’s soccer has accomplished our record,” Drugan said. “It allows us, either way, win or (lose), to claim the highest win percentage in the history of the school.”

Drugan has coached at UTD for five seasons now, where he has set a back-to-back record for the past two seasons.

“The key factor here is the seniors and the leadership, the experience and wisdom they bring to the younger girls, which has allowed them to come along and grow faster,” Drugan said.

The team advanced to the ASC semifinals where it lost 0-2 against Mary Hardin-Baylor, a group that they previously defeated during the season.

During the ASC championships, women’s soccer players freshman Sofia Munoz and sophomore Keely Fillman both scored a goal.

“I feel like it was a mixture between nerves and a feeling of rushing things and not letting things develop,” Munoz said. “(The semi-final) was a good game, but it was definitely not our best.”

Coming into the season as a freshman, Munoz said she has had a successful season and looks forward to many more.

“I’m so proud of the team and what we’ve accomplished this year,” Munoz said. “(In the future) I’m going to try and enjoy the season more while it’s happening because it was all over before I knew it.”

The men’s soccer team has had 12 wins this season, which head coach Jason Hirsch attributes to the players.

“I think we have a talented group here — some young guys mixed in with some more experienced guys,” Hirsch said. “I think that I’m really happy with not only their talent level but also their attitude and their mentality towards this season.”

The team advanced to the final game of the tournament and lost 0-1 against Mary-Hardin Baylor. Senior goalkeeper Chase Therrien saved three goals during the game.

“I did virtually everything that I could,” Therrien said. “As soon as the game ended, I knew that was the best performance I could give as a team.”

This is Therrien’s last season with the soccer team as he will be graduating next semester.

“Ultimately this is one of those things that comes to an end,” Therrien said. “I think (the ASC championship) was my best game I’ve ever played in college.”


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