VALORANT team fails to clutch out on LAN

The team fell out of the Red Bull Campus clutch against UT and Blinn College. Photo courtesy of Henry Galvez.


The VALORANT team fell last weekend on it’s first LAN excursion to UT and Blinn College.
The team fell in close matches, losing 4-13 in their match versus Blinn and losing 11-13 to UT to fall out in the loser’s bracket. Team manager Joe “GRAVE” Linden said that the team would bounce back after working on different aspects of their team play.
“UT game was so winnable but we just made too many mistakes,” GRAVE said. “Just gonna continue to be a struggle to develop the [team] chemistry and game sense so we know how to react to plays and react fast, and play well off each other’s utils for all times in the round.”


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