Gregorio Olivares Gutierrez (He/They)

Gregorio Olivares is a political science and philosophy sophomore hailing from the foreign realm of Jalisco, Mexico. They are currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Mercury after speedrunning all promotions in their freshman year — it can literally only go down from here. When not dealing with that day’s news emergency, Gregorio spends their time contributing to the unhealthy psychosexual relationship the student body has with Temoc, as seen in the various AMP articles they have written on this most important issue. Don’t forget to purchase your own “Temoc: The Trading Card Game” deck today for the low price of *$75.38!

*”Temoc: The Trading Card Game” expansion packs not included. Shipping not included. UTD holds the right to confiscate your “Temoc: The Trading Card Game” deck at any point. Temoc is a trademark of UTD Inc. By purchasing this product, you agree to sell your soul to Benson the Rockbreaker. UTD is not liable for any injuries acquired through the use of “Temoc: The Trading Card Game.”