Aditi Mungale


How to get ace-high with your professor

UTD has world-renowned faculty doing groundbreaking research, but as a freshman, it can be intimidating to form a relationship with these high-caliber individuals....


What clubs should I join?

This phrase is something you will likely hear all the time, and student organizations are a major contributor to the social scene. But...


Upperclassmen waitlisted as campus housing demand soars

The housing market is already difficult for millions of North Texans, but as summer approaches and enrollment continues to increase, UTD has little...


Senate bills threaten DEI

Three Senate bills proposed by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick could have serious implications on higher education institutions if they are passed in the...


LOV Task Force strives to support minorities

UTD faculty and administrators form task forces to increase outreach and support the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. After the murder of...


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